About Us

China Academy is an education marketing project under Nation Online, Inc., aiming to translate and redesign advanced online courses offered by prestigious universities in the U.S., Europe and other countries. We are dedicated to expanding China’s markets for these universities and providing Chinese students with efficient and convenient online education resources, on the basis of which students can obtain certificates or degrees. In addition to marketing online courses, China Academy can further promote the global expansion for the universities, increase their applicant pool, and enhance their brand awareness in local markets.

With the development of globalization, the international market of education is expanding dramatically, resulting in students turning to oversea universities due to low satisfaction with local schools. Bound by the fetters of geography and other factors such as family and employment, interest in studying abroad has waned and distance learning has instead emerged as a new popular form. China Academy is considered the top choice by the vast majority of corporate CEOs, managers, and employees to obtain advanced degrees at global leading universities either in companies or at home. China Academy ensures that while students participate in classes and complete assignments, evaluation and feedback of courses can be communicated to our partner schools at the same time, achieving a win-win for both Chinese students and universities.

Established in 2008, National Online, Inc. is an E-marketing company based in New York City. The main business includes providing Chinese and international clients with digital marketing plans and branding strategies, as well as professional industry, enterprise and brand analysis reports. Today, Nation Online has more than 100 VIP clients in the world, and it has grown into a reliable and reputable multi-media company. The parent company of Nation Online is World Executive Group, a leading strategy consulting and business media company chaired by the 1999 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Robert A Mundell.